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Rebecca knows firsthand the transportation issues facing our community. Our roads are in rough shape, our infrastructure is crumbling and BART is unsafe and unreliable. That is why she will focus on delivering resources for our community that will ease our regional transportation congestion, reducing traffic and improving transportation options for everyone. In the Assembly, she will be a stronger voice to ensure our district has a voice at the table to advocate and deliver for us in Sacramento


She will get resources to improve our roads and reduce traffic by investing in our regional road system to ease traffic and improve road conditions. She’ll also get our cities and counties the resources they need to fix local streets and roads throughout the area.


And, as a BART commuter herself, Rebecca knows that BART is often late, overcrowded and dirty – and it’s unacceptable that people have to arrive hours early just to find parking. She will fight to get BART running on time, with more capacity and in better condition, as well as prioritizing access to BART, through regional transportation solutions and providing more BART parking at every station in the district.


She will work for real solutions to prevent another BART strike – as opposed to casting blame and failing to deliver on the promises made by our current representatives.


Rebecca will also work to expand our transportation options to give our region better choices than cars to get around. This includes connecting BART to ACE in Livermore via the Valley Link, getting regional bus systems (including driverless buses), better regional rail and more.

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