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As a mother of three young children in public school, a product of Bay Area public schools herself, and a member of her school board’s wellness committee, Rebecca will make our schools and student success her top priorities in the Assembly. She will fight to ensure our education system is fully funded and that every child is given the opportunity to succeed.


Rebecca understands that Sacramento is failing our local public schools. California ranks near the bottom of all states in per pupil education spending – and our local schools get less funding per student than almost anywhere else in the state. Rebecca will work to get local schools their fair share of funding from the state to improve STEAM education and other academic programs to prepare students for 21st-century careers.


Studies show that student success begins at a young age, so Rebecca will support programs that provide every child with the opportunity to succeed. That includes universal preschool for students across the state, with the same high standards and diversity that we strive for in our K-12 education. Early education is proven to produce tremendous outcomes and we must make sure every child has the same opportunities. Preschool is economically advisable as well, proven to yield a high return on investment for our communities by reducing teen pregnancies and crime and improving overall earning power.


Rebecca will also fight to keep college affordable so that every child has the opportunity to earn a college degree. That includes reforming the college loan system so our students are able to leave school without a crippling debt burden. And it also includes supporting and funding vocational and career technical education programs that help our economy grow.


Rebecca has advocated for and implemented innovative project-based education programs in her own community, working to create an ongoing curriculum and obtain the space needed for the programs. In the Assembly, she’ll promote similarly innovative education programs at every grade level, focusing on programs that are proven to promote student success.


Good teachers are at the heart of our public schools and Rebecca will ensure our teachers have the resources and tools they need to do their job and provide our students with a top-level education. She will also work so our school districts are able to recruit and retain high-quality teachers. At the same time, Rebecca will ensure California parents and administrators have the tools and information they need to remove teachers who no longer belong in the classroom.

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